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2 Singer Simple Sewing Machine 3116

2 Singer Simple Sewing Machine 3116

Whether you’re still refining your sewing skills or you’re an accomplished master in the needle and thread, on many occasions the largest challenge you wind up facing

is seeking the a chance to prove good Singer Simple sewing Machine 3116 work. These simple sewing projects would be the answer! Faraway from being long-term jobs that

may take you weeks and even months, the 2 easy projects described here should end up taking an hour at most. Besides supplying you with the chance to make something

new as well as use up some scrap cloth, simple sewing Machine 3116 projects this way offer you some much-needed basic sewing practice. Like many skills, sewing is

really a talent that you could lose after a while should you don’t utilize it often enough. Stay from getting rusty by throwing together something simple today!

Let’s start out with a project that may expose you completely to another material. Making these placemats from oilcloth can make them more durable and simpler to clean

up. Dealing with oilcloth isn’t that difficult, and you need to get the experience educational if you’ve never handled it before. Really the only problem you’ll come

upon with oilcloth and other laminated fabrics is they often stick to your sewing machine 3116 foot. Once you learn for you to do a great deal of laminated sewing,

select a Teflon foot to eliminate this challenge permanently. If you’re just doing one or two projects, you may make do by putting some form of a buffer somewhere

between the oilcloth and your foot. Scotch tape and tissue paper both do a decent job. To get back to your placemats: You’ll need two contrasting patterns of oilcloth

to the mat and the pocket plus a little cotton fabric for backing. Start by cutting everything to size. The mats and backing pieces ought to be 12 inches by 18 inches.

The pockets (for holding napkins and silverware) needs to be about 5 inches by 3 inches.

Pin your bank account to the lower right corner of your respective placemat. When possible, you may make an effort to put it by using a glue stick instead you

generally would like to avoid sticking holes in waterproof fabric with pins. Sew it in place. Next, line up your mats and backing pieces making use of their wrong

sides facing the other. Tack them together and make use of binding clips to secure them while you sew. Don’t be concerned about lining within the edges too what

exactly you’ll do is leave a half-inch seam allowance around your mat’s borders. Trim the extra away by using a rotary cutter with a pinking blade or some pinking


This is the perfect way to make use of leftover fabric scraps which are too pretty to toss or hide away. (One of the big benefits of simple sewing machine 3116 is that

they take advantage of resources that might otherwise get wasted!) each pillowcase needs just two items of fabric. The primary body ought to be 41 inches by 26 inches,

whilst the border piece needs to be 41 by 11. These will both be folded in half to achieve a finished width of 21.5 inches. Wash, dry, and iron your fabrics before you

begin sewing.

Fold the border piece in half and iron the fold. Then it’s time to sew it to the body in the pillow case. Line up the pieces carefully, pin them and sew them a half or

three-eighth inch seam allowance. Serge the seam when it’s complete. Use a zigzag stitch when you don’t use a serger. Put in a top-notch stitch one-eighth of inch in

from the seam.

If you believe that your sewing Machine 3116 skills are growing stale because you just don’t have time to set them to use, remember that not every project needs to be

an epic! Picking out a basic, fast project is a terrific way to have a little break, unwind, maintain your skills sharp, and use up several of your leftover fabrics.

It’s yet another terrific method to stimulate your creativity by hunting up sewing jobs you wouldn’t have looked at all by yourself. Whether you give among the two

projects here a go or hunt up various other simple projects online, keep your needle sharp by sewing more often!